Quick Finance Loan is a private company that provides community-based lending services through a strong branch network located in its area of operations. Our company offers a wide range of short-term loan products that cater to the financial needs of businesses and individuals, such as OFW LOAN, SEAMAN’S LOAN, Doctor’s Loan, Modified Business Loan, Truck Loan, Car Loan, Real Estate Loan and 2nd hand Car & Truck Financing.



We aim to be the most profitable financing company in the Philippines.



  1. We commit to honesty and integrity. We will be honest in all our dealings, true to ourselves, to our company and to the people we serve.
  2. We strongly adhere to a high level of confidence. We abide by a “can do” attitude towards the attainment of our vision to be the most profitable financing company in the Philippines and a significant player in Southeast Asia.
  3. We value commitment and excellence.
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